Workouts I love: Pilates

Hi!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend whether it involved vacation, family time, relaxation or all of the above (like mine!), and that you are back into the groove of the new week.  So far my blog is a little bit about anything and everything, so to add to the mix I thought I would write about fitness.  To begin, I thought I’d share a little bit about my own views on working out.  I am a strong believer that at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day is extremely beneficial for our health, but does that mean I follow that guideline every single day?  Nope.  I can’t even lie about it because I have a Fitbit to show that I’ve gotten less than 3,000 steps in a day.  I have grown to actually really enjoy working out, and I am super flexible with the activities I do to exercise.  So flexible in fact, that I struggle between deciding “should today be a run day or a group class day” which has lead me to completely drop the ball and not work out at all more times than once (anyone else experience this too?).

Something that I do to mix up my workout routines or add something new to my practice is to sign up for group fitness classes.  In college it was fun to try the free ones they had at the gyms, but outside of that I quickly realized that they all cost $$$.  To help with that I use Groupon to find new studios that are offering packages at discounted rates, and ClassPass to try new places in my neighborhood.

This lead me to sign up for a new Pilates studio a month ago, and I absolutely fell in love!  I had tried pilates years ago at my YWCA, but I think the whole concept has really grown a lot since then.  The studio also had barre and yoga classes, but the Pilates were my favorite because we got to use the reformers!IMG_1896.JPG

I know it looks a little daunting, and I was pretty weary in my first class to try it.  I had this sinking feeling that with my luck I would break the machine or fall off of it.  But none of that happened, and it was actually one of the best workouts I’ve ever had.  The combination of using your breath to guide you through sequences and working muscles I never knew were there caused me to become immediately obsessed with the reformer and all that it could do.  I ventured to an advanced class only once where it took using the reformer to a whole new level, but even just the beginner class always left me feeling great and energized.  Pilates is meant to be done slowly, and the reformer helps guide you physically from different positions.  My instructor once explained as doing squats while laying down.

Sadly my membership package ended at this studio, so I am on to finding a new studio to sign up for.  I already have one in mind, but until  I sign up I plan to practice some pilates workouts at home by using videos like this one  and this one as well as print outs here and here.  They won’t be the same as using the reformer, but they’ll work the same muscles and provide me with a great workout.  If you feel like giving one a try let me know what you think!

Kindly, Katie



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